About Sons of Nowhere

  • A vast, tumor-like extraterrestrial has been discovered buried in the ocean floor off the coast of California. To study the massive creature, the philanthropic Ophion Foundation constructs Acis Island, an artificial land mass of unprecedented size. By the end of the following decade, the floating laboratory has grown and expanded into a city-state unto itself.
  • Rejected by his family, Reese "Ratt" Mason is a 16-year-old runaway squatting in the warehouse district of Acis Island. The Ophion Foundation offers free board, meals, and a weekly paycheck to participate in an ongoing parapsychology experiment called "Project Ithaca." According to the program's Director, the data they uncover could one day save the world.
  • Ratt eagerly accepts, unaware of the project's true purpose.
  • The experiments fundamentally alter Ratt's mind and body, cursing him with an uncontrollable psychic connection to fire. There are many other boys like him in the project, each an example of the potential horrors lurking in the human mind. Worst of all, Project Ithaca turns out to be a prison-like environment that molds the strong into predators and the weak into prey.
  • With nothing to lose and nowhere else to go, Ratt must make a crucial decision: either accept the grim reality of his new life, or find a way to break free.