Art Update! 11/11/12

  • Check out the new art from Marcel Pérez Massegú!
  • Nick

  • Aloha Everybody!! Check it out, we got the official prologue for Sons of Nowhere up and running, free to download in a variety of formats. Let me know whatcha think of it, there's a lot more coming! =D
  • Read the prologue for FREE!

    The prologue is available in multiple formats!

    Adobe PDF (.pdf file for PC reading)
    Kindle (.prc for Kindle users)
    Epub (.epub for Apple iBook, Nook, Sony Reader, etc)
    Rich Text File (.rtf for word processors)


    Gaylaxicon 2012!! 10/02/12

  • Hey guys!
  • Just wanted to let you know that on the off-chance that you want to see/talk to me, I'll be attending Gaylaxicon 2012 as a guest! I'll be there October 5-7, woot!!
  • I'm somehow considered worthy to attend alongside Terrance Griep of Out Magazine, The Advocate, Star Trek Monthly, and Lavender Magazine, novelists Naomi Kritzer & Rachel Gold, and the founding president of Prism Comics, Charles "Zan" Christensen! I'm on a ton of panels, so I'll be there pretty much the entire time.
  • Oh yeah, I should probably explain what Gaylaxicon is, if the title didn't give it away. It's basically a really fun LGBT speculative fiction/comic/general geekery convention. If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, see if you can make it down to the Double Tree by the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis-Park Place. The tickets can be a little pricey, not gonna lie, but the experience is well worth it for 3 days of craziness. =D
  • See ya around!
  • Nick

    New Short Story Up! "Strange and Unusual" 09/24/12

  • Aaaaaloha Everybody!
  • After a much longer wait than I'd anticipated, the third Sons of Nowhere short story is up and available for FREE on the site! I'm planning to have these available in digital format for reading on other devices, and I'll definitely be in touch when those are up! For now, though, all three short stories are available here on the site.
  • Strange and Unusual

    • Reese Mason’s first week of high school at Acis Island has been a rough one. He’s already been in a fight, gotten himself suspended from class, and his home life isn't faring much better. The last thing he expected was to make a connection with Tessa Vasquez, the odd girl in his English Lit class. Sadly, he is convinced that her interest lies more with his rare deformity than with him. The closer the two become, the clearer it is that Tessa’s ravings about the weird happenings around the island have a grain of truth to them. Reese quickly learns that he must open up to her if he doesn't want to lose one of the few people willing to call him a friend.
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    Gangnam Style! 09/12/12

  • Hey everybody!
  • I just finished the first draft of Sons of Nowhere Tales: Strange and Unusual, and I have to say it's been a long time coming, and a lot of work, but totally worth it! It's the longest of the SoN Tales by far, clocking it at just over 21 pages, compared to 5 pages for Leviathan and 8 pages for The Rules. Once the editing phase is complete, expect to see it here! And like all SoN Tales, it's absolutely free to read!
  • In other news, you guys HAVE to check out this music video from Korea. It is the sort of thing I wish American music videos would do more often: just having a damn good time and making the video's setting look like the most fun place to be on Earth. The song is "Gangnam Style" by PSY! Check it out below!

  • Am I the only one who can't help but hear "Gundam Style" instead of "Gangnam Style"?
  • Nick

    Utopiates: The Ultimate Bet With The Mind 08/21/12

  • Hey guys! While I'm working on the latest Sons of Nowhere Tale, I wanted to turn you on to The Utopiates, by my good friends Kat and Josh! Here's what you need to know:
  • In the near future, science is able to distill human personalities into a drug-form. Called utopiates –a merging of the words utopia and opiate— these drugs allow users to swap personalities with the "mental imprints" of other people. This is the common thread that links the stories in the Utopiates graphic novel. Over the course of 120 pages, we follow the interconnected lives of three individuals who inject the "souls" of other people. Each is a user of utopiates for his own reasons, but all learn that the cost of soul swapping is extremely high. At its core, UTOPIATES is an unflinching portrayal of human behavior at its most extreme. Created in the spirit of William Gibson and Phillip K. Dick, UTOPIATES portrays a gene-spliced tomorrow that falls somewhere between Blade Runner and The Wire. Phil Hester (of Fringe & Swamp Thing) says, "Comics is a stormy, dangerous coastline, shallow and sharp but UTOPIATES stands like a lighthouse guiding you to the safe harbor where smart, intense comics still exist."
  • UTOPIATES is the first installment of the bio-tech noir mythos. It features tales of obsession, revenge, and redemption in a gene-spliced future that is already too close for comfort. It features artwork by Josh Finney, Kat Rocha, and amazing cover art by Salvador Trakal.
  • *



    *Josh Finney's Personal Website

  • A Kindle edition is forthcoming.
  • You can read a rough version of the first chapter free on Deviant Art: [link]


    Art Update! 07/27/12

  • Check out the new artwork from Marcel Pérez Massegú, Junpei Ukiya + Kenton Si + Chris Monroe, and James Ledger!
  • Nick

    Even MORE New Artwork! 07/20/12

  • This time, the new artwork comes from some old friends as well as some brand new contributors to Sons of Nowhere: Marcel Pérez Massegú, Chris Monroe, Marisa Martínez Cervantes, Ben Dunn, and Patrick McEvoy.
  • Nick

    New Artwork! 07/06/12

  • I'm happy to announce some new official artwork from Coey Kuhn! His stuff is absolutely astonishing, so give the link a click! =)
  • Nick

    Sons of Nowhere Tales: The Rules! 06/21/12

  • Not gonna lie, this one is a horror tale, and it might be a touch disturbing. The next Sons of Nowhere Tale is The Rules, an intense insight into the lives of Project Ithaca's test subjects.
  • The Rules

    • Christopher Howard has three rules he follows when dealing with other people: Never make eye contact, never make physical contact, and never go anywhere with them. When one of his fellow Project Ithaca test subjects begins stalking him, Chris has no choice but to break his own rules in order to save a friend.
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    Sons of Nowhere E-Book Cover Revealed! 06/12/12

  • Courtesy of Josh Finney, an incredible artist and a truly stellar friend, comes the official cover for Sons of Nowhere! The quality of the painting and the design overall has to be seen to be believed! Luckily, it is pictured below.

  • I will be forever grateful for this piece of awesomeness. Go check out Josh and his wife, Kat Rocha, at 01 Publishing! They're the geniuses behind Titanium Rain, so give their stuff a shot! You won't regret it.
  • Nick

    Sons of Nowhere Tales: Leviathan! 06/08/12

  • It's up! That stupid "Coming Soon" sign is down, and the first of the Sons of Nowhere Tales has gone live!
  • Leviathan

    • When a sea monster of unprecedented size is sighted off the coast of California, the Ophion Foundation deploys its Director of Cryptozoology, Gedeon Vassago, to verify the wild claims. The simple task of observation becomes a life-and-death struggle when the massive creature turns its attention on its pursuers.
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    The Ophion Foundation Internal Protocol Network is Online! 06/05/12

  • It's been a long time coming, but the Ophion Foundation Internal Protocol Network is finally complete and launching today!
  • The Ophion Foundation site is an in-universe database and interactive prequel for my upcoming novel, Sons of Nowhere. Written from the fictional perspective of the Ophion Foundation, the site will bring to light many of the spectacular mysteries that populate the Sons of Nowhere universe.
  • Here's just a taste of what you can expect from the experience:
  • News: The News highlights bizarre events that haunt the Sons of Nowhere world.
  • Employee Resource Center: The most important projects and research subjects in the Ophion Foundation.
  • Location: A history of the Sons of Nowhere setting: Acis Island.
  • Human Resources: Detailed dossiers spotlighting each of the varied cast of characters.
  • Log In: A mystery yet to be solved...

  • Enjoy!
  • Nick

    Artwork Section Updated! 06/02/12

  • Gotta plug it! Just received amazing pieces of art from Steve Mack, Chris Monroe, and Pedro Ramón Martínez Andreo!

  • Nick

    Titanium Rain Audio Drama!! 05/29/12

  • If you haven't already, I highly recommend checking out the new Titanium Rain audio drama and soundtrack. Titanium Rain is originally a freaking BEAUTIFUL graphic novel by my good friends Josh Finney and Kat Rocha through Archaia Press. If you'd like a tour of the story concept and the sci-fi awesomeness it's got to offer, look no further than here.
  • Even though I'm not really one for military fiction, Titanium Rain focuses on the fully realized characters and intriguing concepts behind the futuristic world rather than Tom Clancy militarism. It's a damn good story, and I can recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction, near-future or otherwise. It's also a lot of fun if you're into global what-if scenarios featuring major political powers. Not to give too much away, but the central struggle is a civil war in China between the Communist loyalists and an Imperial rebellion. And the USA is on Communist China's side! Yeah, I thought "WTF" when I heard it, too. Trust me, it's worth reading to find out! ^_^
  • The cool thing about the audio drama is that it's not just a reading of the graphic novel or anything like that. It's actually a full production audio drama featuring professional voice actors. It's a treat to listen to, and it contains a few deleted scenes not featured in the graphic novel! Definitely check it out!
  • TITANIUM RAIN Audio Drama @ Amazon
    TITANIUM RAIN Soundtrack @ Amazon

    TITANIUM RAIN Audio Drama on iTunes
    TITANIUM RAIN Soundtrack on iTunes


    WTF Colon Cancer, but the Writing Continues! 05/25/12

  • Hey guys,
  • Just an FYI for people out there who didn't already know. I've been in the hospital for the last 2 weeks and it turns out I got the big "C". >_< They removed a giant friggin tumor bigger than a softball outta me and found some random tumor-ettes growing around my abdomen. So I've been at home pretty much re-learning how to climb and descend stairs now that I have the walking thing down in small doses. I've got a gut that looks like Sagat's and I still have to eat a limited diet, but that only lasts another 2 weeks.
  • The Good News: It hasn't spread to any other organs. PHEW! The prognosis looks pretty good right now, very winnable.
  • The Bad News: Still gotta do chemo, and possibly another surgery. Blech. That comes later, at least.
  • For now, recovering after I was literally gutted like a fish. I'm actually surprised at how fast I AM recovering, all that considered. It's only been about 2 weeks and I can walk around pretty well for a limited time and I'm almost done with painkillers. Kind of amazing when you think about it!
  • Strange thing is, they don't even CHECK people for this until you're at least 55, lol! The doctor made the most hilarious face when telling me what it was, as though she couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth. Considering it turns out it's nowhere near as bad as it could have been, I'll take my moments of levity where I can get them. I dunno, sorry, kind of rambling here. Blame the vicodin!
  • Well, that's that. It is what it is. It's not stopping my writing, thank goodness. Been working on Sons of Nowhere pretty diligently now that I'm getting better and better every day. The official art is coming in strong, and I'm very excited for the future of the project! Stay posted here!
  • Nick

    Gaylaxicon 2012! And The Construction Continues! 03/08/12

  • The Ophion Foundation site has been a handful, but the light is coming! For the past couple of months, I've had to focus on a book I'm working on for Oni Press. =)
  • Aaaaanyway! This year, I'll be a guest at Gaylaxicon 2012! If you're not really familiar with it, Gaylaxicon is a LGBT-friendly sci-fi/fantasy/horror/comics convention that travels around the country, taking place in a new city every year. This year, Gaylaxicon will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Doubletree Hotel Minneapolis-Park Place. It's still too early for programming, but I definitely plan to be on a few panels!
  • Hey, if you're a fan of Sons of Nowhere, or if you know me from Razor Kid, the Uniques Tales anthology, or deviantArt, drop by and say hello! =D
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