Black Nirvana: One Family’s Tale

Source: | Minneapolis and St. Paul News
Date: April 5

  • Even 8 years after the worldwide event that baffled scientists and left a half-million people hospitalized, Sara Hodgkins, her husband, Cooper, and their two children are still dealing with the fallout.
  • Local florist Sara Hodgkins was one of the many people affected by the Black Nirvana Incident: the as-yet unexplained phenomenon that caused severe illness and vivid hallucinations in its victims. Hodgkins was hospitalized on the morning of March 1st that year, and she was not released until the evening of April 4th. For over a month, she lived an existence that could only be described as surreal.
  • “I haven’t slept through the night since it happened,” she says. “It’s been with me all this time.”
  • Sara Hodgkins spent her days in and out of consciousness, unable to stand or hold food down. Severe migraines crippled her ability to think clearly or interact with others, and no amount of painkillers would mitigate the pain. Through the misery, however, there were spells of powerful hallucinations that depicted the end of the world. What came as a surprise, however, were the bizarre emotional compulsions she felt while experiencing those visions.
  • As Hodgkins describes the experience, she cannot help but shed a few tears, “It was like nothing I could really describe to you. If I told you it felt like being in the loving arms of God Himself, I would barely scratch the surface.”
  • Since being released from the hospital, Sara Hodgkins has been obsessed with recreating the euphoric bliss she felt during that brief month of hospitalization. She has grown dependent on hypnotherapy and prescription drugs to allow her to experience the hallucinations once again. The financial and emotional strain her behavior has put on her family has not gone unnoticed.
  • “I know I need to be a better mother for my boys,” Hodgkins says. “I’ve been seeing a therapist for the past year, and we’ve managed to cut my hypnosis sessions down to just once a month.”
  • Despite her vows to change, the damage may be difficult to reverse. Her sons, 10- year-old twins Bennet and Jackson, cannot remember a time when their mother was not emotionally distant or debilitated from the side-effects of prescription drugs.
  • ”I wasn’t there for them when they needed me most,” Hodgkins wipes her eyes with a handkerchief, this time crying tears of regret. “I can never take it back, and that will haunt me for the rest of my life. All I can do is try to be here for them now.”
  • The Black Nirvana Incident has left an estimated 100,000 people dependent on prescription drugs or hypnotherapy to help them deal with the emotional and psychological aftermath of the event. If you or someone you know is showing signs of addiction, we at WLCS-TV urge you to seek professional assistance as soon as possible.
  • -by Patricia Langley

Strange Whale Beached in Southern California

Source: Cryptid Hunters Weekly
Date: March 29

  • If you think it’s been a while since you’ve read about Gedeon Vassago, it’s not your imagination. The former star of the hit television documentary series Monster Killer has kept under the radar for the better part of the last two decades. Vassago is employed with the Ophion Foundation as their Director of Cryptozoology, and the work has left him with little time for press conferences.
  • Today, Vassago announced the discovery of a highly unusual specimen. A whale of extraordinary size and shape has beached itself in the Southern California city of San Figaro.
  • “What we’re looking at is most likely a sperm whale,” Vassago says, lighting a cigarette in the same effortless motion seen in countless Monster Killer episodes.
  • “What I can’t account for are all the deformities. Or the size, for that matter.”
  • These “deformities,” Vassago notes, made identifying the whale’s species almost impossible before its teeth were sent to a lab on Acis Island. The carcass is over 90 feet long and estimated to be around 70 tons, far larger than any sperm whale on record. The creature’s head is highly unusual in shape, more akin to a ray or skate than an aquatic mammal. The forelimbs possess individual digits instead of the flippers of typical whales. Its dorsal area is covered with rough, bony plates; though many of them appear to have been torn away by a recent injury. Even the tail is an unusually long trident-shape that resembles a trio of tentacles.
  • Cryptid Hunters Weekly was not allowed to view the creature’s “face” from the front or the sides. Several layers of industrial tarp had been applied to these sections of the creature’s body when our team arrived on the scene. The bony plates on its back, Vassago mentioned, had most likely been destroyed due to accidental contact with a large seafaring vessel. In its weakened state, the creature was probably unable to navigate and accidentally beached itself.
  • “It’s still unclear what caused these mutations,” Vassago says. “But I’m not gonna lie, I hope this thing never had a chance to breed.”
  • -by David Conner

"Angel" Sighted Over Acis Island Neighborhood

Source: Skywatchers Universal Webzine
Date: March 22

  • The skies over Acis Island’s Hyperion District were alive with streaks of light late last night. According to eyewitness testimonies, a luminous, unidentified flying object of incredible speed appeared around 11:00 PM Pacific US Time. For the next half hour, it would amaze onlookers by blazing through the night sky in erratic patterns impossible for any known conventional aircraft. Although most witnesses described the object as being too fast to see clearly, local Skywatchers Universal member Tessa Vasquez recalls seeing it in far greater detail.
  • “It stopped on a dime at least twice, hovering in place,” Vasquez said. “The second time, it stopped only a few meters away from my window.”
  • Vasquez went on to describe the object as humanoid in general outline, with six thin, luminous "wings" surrounding the body. The heat generated from the object was purportedly sufficient to damage the paint on the East wall of her home. Vasquez reported the sighting to Skywatchers Universal almost immediately, leading to an army of cameras and camera phones pointing skyward.
  • The object appeared to veer downwards toward Lake Virgil and disappeared from view at 11:32 PM. An abundance of video evidence has made its way to the internet, but there has been no official acknowledgment of the incident from the Ophion Foundation.
  • “If I had to give it a name, I’d say it looked like an angel,” Vasquez added. “I never used to believe in angels, and I always thought UFOs were supposed to be alien ships. Now, I think I’ll ask my parents about them.”
  • Footage of the incident can be found under the “Videos” section of Skywatchers Universal Webzine. Be warned, strong language is used and the videos are not considered safe for workplace viewing.
  • -by Lisa Hammond